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Financial success doesn't happen by chance. It has much more to do with choice. When it comes to your financial goals and protecting your assets, each decision you make and action you take will have a significant impact on the future of your and your family’s financial circumstances.

A well planned financial blueprint will lay out what you need to do today to achieve your goals tomorrow.

Take control of your financial life now and work with a team who has the experience and resources to make sure your tomorrow is everything it should be.


Wealth Management
You've earned your success and continue to excel in your personal and professional lives. Maintaining wealth becomes an issue as time constraints in daily life make it difficult to identify and develop strategies that align with your financial goals. We will partner with you to help you sustain and grow long-term wealth consistent with your goals and aspirations, taking into account other financial needs and your comfort with market risks.
Financial Planning
Many things in life can have an impact - positive or negative - on your financial well-being. I'm here to help you take control of your future. Together we'll identify your most important goals and dreams, and build and implement a financial plan to help you achieve them. And because life is unpredictable, we'll monitor your progress on a regular basis to ensure your plan evolves as your needs and the situation around you changes.
Retirement Planning
Perhaps one of the greatest financial challenges you will face in your lifetime is preparing adequately for your retirement. We will help you create a plan that will assess your current financial situation, determine the retirement lifestyle for your future, review the many options available, and put solutions in place to help ensure you achieve the retirement of your dreams.
Estate Planning
You work hard to build your assets. You should have control over what happens to it upon your death. Building a lasting legacy takes more than simply accumulating a large portfolio. You need a solution that remains flexible enough to allow you to maintain maximum control of your assets and enjoy them during your lifetime while you prepare for the efficient transfer of those assets after you die.
Private Client Services
You have built up a successful business, career, or professional practice. Along the way you've acquired valuable assets that may include publicly-traded stocks and bonds, mutual funds, collectibles, real estate, and perhaps a business interest or securities issued from an employer or former employer. Investment management can be a challenge. We have access to dedicated account administrators and investment teams to help identify your goals and investment objectives. Working with us, you can be certain that the investment management strategy we recommend for you is custom-built for your unique situation, using a wide range of investment strategies.
Investment Strategies
Without a coordinated investment strategy, it can be difficult to build an effective investment portfolio that helps meet your financial needs. As a Registered Representative of Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC (NMIS), we can offer you access to a wide range of investment products and services. We will work with you to develop investment solutions aimed at meeting your financial objectives.
Disability Income Planning
Disability income insurance protects one of your most valuable assets - your ability to earn an income. A disability could suspend or terminate your income for an extended period of time. It may force you to close your business. With my expertise in disability income planning, we are able to recommend disability income insurance products from Northwestern Mutual.
Education Funding
With the cost of higher education rising faster than the rate of inflation, many families wonder how to prepare for this expense. We specialize in education funding and can help you explore the right options for saving the money you need to send your children to college.
Life Insurance Planning
Many people realize that they need life insurance. And, many people have opinions about what type of life insurance they prefer. We regularly help people determine how much life insurance they need and what types or combination of types of coverage are best suited to help them further their own objectives. A well constructed life insurance policy can be a valuable part of your overall financial security plan. We will help you look at this in the context of your overall financial security plan and help you determine what makes the most sense for your particular situation.
Long Term Care Planning
Most people would agree that their most important asset is their health. That is why it's important to ensure that if you are ever faced with an extended illness, you will receive the kind of care you need. Together with our specialists, we will assist you in determining your long-term care needs and design solutions tailored to your unique situation.
Joseph Small and Jeffrey Polanco are paid sponsors of the Dutchess County Medical Society